Barked at while Walking with my Mom

This experience is definitely not the worst I’ve faced but one factor really stuck out to me. I was walking down Connecticut with mom to get dinner at a restaurant. It was evening, but still totally light out, maybe 5 or 6 30. I’m fifteen and my mom is, well, a mom. A large SUV drove past on the busy street, full of college aged boys. One leaned out the window and barked at me in that rowdy, college boy way. Some people would call this “harmless”.

They didn’t hurt me, they didn’t follow me, etc. But the fact that I have to be subject to boys judgment when I walk down the street angers me. And what’s worse, I was with my mom! Clearly my mother. My mom didn’t notice at all, and I was so embarrassed I pretended nothing happened.

Submitted by Bridget

Location: Connecticut Avenue

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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One Response

  1. Nellie

    Ugh, I know what you mean about feeling like others are passing judgment on you. However, it could be that it wasn’t a personal judgment and they just felt like hollering at you. Lame nonetheless.