“Can I call you sometime?”

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I was walking home from the Greenbelt metro station on the College Park side, when a Metro Access shuttle pulled along side of me. The driver mumbled something out of his window at me and when I asked him to repeat it, I still couldn’t hear him. He finally yelled, “Can I call you sometime?” I gave him an incredulous look, held up my left hand and yelled, “I’m married.” He said okay and sped off. Does that pick-up tactic work on anyone? Let alone on tired, married commuters who just want to get home in the evenings?

Submitted by MGK

Location: Lackawanna Street, College Park, MD

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. cathy

    the most effective pick up is to be an interesting conversationalist and a good listener. which makes yelling at strangers way easier, i guess, if you’re an a-hole. it’s exhausting, isn’t it? sorry this happened to you, probably for the 1000th time in your young life.

    hope you’re considering a complaint to metro access; even if you don’t have any numbers off the van, with just the location and time they should be able to track their own drivers well enough.