“Because I did not take a young man’s newspaper…”

Because I did not take a young man’s newspaper, the free daily Express, he yelled and called me “FAGGOT”! My roommate, probably targeted for his small stature, has been punched in the face and had his glasses broken by young kids in the same spot. He was also later hit after he did not have a quarter to give to the young kids who asked for it. What does one do when the violent offenders are youth?

Submitted by DB

Location: Howard/Shaw Metro

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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4 Responses

  1. cathy

    you do what you have to do. you always have the right to defend yourself, even against attacks from minors and (supposing you’re male-identified) women. and you always have the right to call the police or the metro police, though the effectiveness of law enforcement is debatable.

    take care.

  2. Erin

    Youth violence is a growing problem in the DC area – I’ve lived here for seven years, and it is a disturbing trend. It’s pretty scary.

  3. Erin

    Although, I have to wonder … is this type of violence actually increasing, or are we becoming more aware of it due to blogs like Holla Back, cell phone camera and YouTube?

  4. Nigerian Sista

    I think for some strange reason, youth violence may have gotten worse in the past couple of years. I live in Maryland but I have worked in DC and have also spent time in DC. Something is definently going wrong. I am 26 now and have been taking the metro since I was 17. I have stopped taking the metro because in a time frame of a year and a half I was harassed more than I was during all my years of taking the train. I was constantly stalked (followed), harassed, and having people get in my personal space. No one ever tried any of this nonsense in the past so I think it has become some type of trend among the youth to specifically get on the train in groups (or alone) with the sole purpose to harass/frighten/intimidate women.