Catcalled in the 7-11

I was on my way to a kickboxing class and realized I had forgotten my water so I stopped to pick up a bottle at the 7-11 closest to my gym. Two clerks were at the front, but one (a woman) was stocking the cigarettes while the other (a man) worked just one register. There were still two people in front of me when a man walked in, got in line behind me and said “Hey beautiful, how you doin’?” I usually find that a brief acknowledgment and then moving on my way quickly works the best in deflecting further attention, so I responded with “Fine. Thank you.” However, I had no where to go because I was stuck in line.

He then started remarking on my figure stating that he could tell I worked out, and making comments about my backside, etc. The female clerk, abruptly stopped stocking and stepped over to the second register to ring up my purchase. I definitely felt that she did it to spare me having to stand there and listen to this, which I was grateful l for, but later I was angry with myself because I froze up and had no response to this guy.

Submitted by G

Location: 7-11 across from Braddock Road Metro Station

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. TKPK

    Ugh, the 7-11 in my area (Takoma) is like a bullpen for rowdy youth and all sorts of shenanigans from the men who hang around outside at all hours. I’ve often wondered why stores don’t make more of an effort to get these types to move along when they’re clearly loitering on the premises, and harassing people on their way in. I will literally drive another ten minutes to a different convenience store, just so I don’t have to put up with the crap out front of the one nearest to me.