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So this is actually not an example of harassment, but a reminder, to me at least, that being polite about it gets you nowhere. I live on a block between the metro and the bars so late at night there are a lot of drunk people walking by.

I was out walking my dog tonight and a guy walked by, leaned in and made kissing noises at my dog. She’s a 70 lb pitbull and, while normally very sweet, does not like being surprised by strange men. Her reaction left him running to the car, apologizing for disturbing her. Don’t get me wrong-He did nothing wrong by being friendly to a dog, but the whole incident made me wish that just once I could get that kind of reaction by talking back to a guy who was inappropriate. It’s not unusual for drunk guys to approach me while I’m out late at night, and I guess since I’ve had this lovely dog, I’ve taken it for granted that I don’t have to worry about dealing with the ones who think it’s my obligation to hear them out.

Submitted by anonymous

Location: Ballston

Time of harassment: Late Night (12A-5A)

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  1. cathy

    maybe we should all try growling, drooling and snapping our teeth? eh, they’d find a way to find that a turn-on. :/