Masturbator on the Metro

I was traveling from VA to MD on the orange line with my thirteen month old son, and was in the rear of the metro car by the door, with my son in his stroller beside me in the aisle. There was a man sitting on the other side of the door, and a couple sitting on the other end of the car, facing the other way. I was working on a crossword puzzle, and I saw the man moving in a strange way from the corner of my eye. I disregarded it, since it is the metro, and he stood up and stepped over to lean against the glass by the metro door, where I could not help but see that he was masturbating.

I stood up and said very loudly, “What do you think you’re doing?!” and tried to push the stroller back towards the couple at the front of the car. The elderly gentleman at the front of the car saw what was going on, and began yelling at the pervert, while the woman helped me get the stroller around the poles and towards their end of the car.

The entire time, the pervert was yelling that I’m a fat bitch, and that this “wansn’t at me,’ and when the metro stopped he ran off the train at Landover station. I filed a report with WMATA right away, but the transit police were not very optimistic that he would be caught.

Submitted by ECH

Location: Minnesota Ave.

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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  1. Renee

    “It’s not for you” ?? Yeah, right. Not to mention, if it *wasn’t* “for you” it’s for the 13 month old kid! And that’s better HOW exactly?! UGH.

    Of course, it’s always “for us” no matter what: to intimidate & humiliate. Good for you for putting the shame back where it belongs – on the freak who jacks-off on the Metro! Even if they don’t catch him for what he did to you, when they DO get him in the end (his luck is bound to run out sometime) there will be a paper-trail of previous complaints waiting for him.