Ignoring them just isn’t working anymore part II.

Ignoring them just isn’t working anymore part 2. I will never ever understand men who hit on women in or around courthouses. (The hall outside the domestic violence courtrooms at DC Superior is the most baffling.)  The chances are great that you as a male harasser are there for no good reason. The chances are also great that the women there who you male harassers are harassing wearing court ID badges, suits, or both, are court employees and have had to deal with garbage from people like you all day and don’t want to talk to you, or lawyers trying to keep information organized in their heads for trial or trial prep and don’t want to talk to you. But hey, you need to be acknowledged right now with a response to your patronizing, “Hey baby/beautiful/sexy, blah blah blah.”

Waiting for certified copies of documents in the clerk’s office. The man behind me has heard 1/2 my conversation with the clerks and must know why I’m there. He gets to the window, makes his request. Then keeps staring. Feels like I put on an awkward sweater with creeper buttons.  I try to read the news a little more enthusiastically on my phone. Staring continues. I pointedly adjust the bands on my ring finger. Nope, still staring. Then the dreaded moment: “What are you here for?” What I want to say, “What do you think I’m here for genius? I’m in the clerk’s office. You’re either filing or researching.” I glance at him, hold up the jackets and say, “Pulling files.” Back to the news. Apparently the guy thinks he still has a chance with the married lady who doesn’t want to talk to him and has made clear she’s just trying to get work done. “Are you a lawyer?” Side glance firm phone. “Yes.” I heard his conversation with the clerks. He’s not trying to network. “What area of law do you practice in?” I don’t even look up this time. “Domestic violence.” That ended the conversation. I think next time I’ll go with “public sexual harassment.”

Submitted by Nafas

Location: PG County District Court

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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