This occurred twice last summer on the N6 bus, and I’m submitting it now so that riders can be aware of it. There’s a WMATA bus driver who likes saying to women, “I like your sandals.” He then tries to get into a conversation with you about where you got them. I heard one woman reluctantly offer him tidbits of information as he kept questioning her in a sick, overly friendly way about her sandals. He says “I like your sandals” basically to any woman who boards the bus and is wearing sandals. I don’t know his exact fetish — sandals, open-toe shoes, painted toenails — but he’s clearly a fetishist getting his jollies from the passengers. Please report this guy to Metro if he’s still driving a bus this summer!

Submitted by anonymous

Location: N6 Bus

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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