“Damn look at that ass.”

As I was walking home from class i walked past a man who very obviously looked like a tourist because he was filming the street as he walked saying everything he was walking by. Many people who passed him were holding back chuckles at his approach to documenting his trip. I walked past him and about ten steps later I heard him say “Damn, look at that ass”. I wasn’t sure if that was directed at me or if I even heard correctly but when I looked back over my shoulder his camera was pointed right at me and he quickly broke his stare in my direction to look elsewhere (but keeping his camera on focus). It was really uncomfortable to know that someone said that and that they had it on tape. I just kept walking faster to get away.

Submitted by anonymous on 3/21/2011

Location: Pennsylvania and 24th

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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