Repeat Metro Harasser

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I recently started taking the Metro to work. There’s a guy who hands out the Metro papers near the entrance. There’s a long approach to the gates, so he has a long time to talk, if he wants.

Usually, he says good morning, I say good morning. He offers me a paper, I say no thanks and he says “Have a blessed day” as I walk into the station. On Friday, I could have sworn he whispered “sexy, sexy” after that.

I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t say anything. But it bothered me all weekend, so today, when he did it again, I stopped, turned around and walked back. And I said “I hear you talking about women under your breath, they don’t appreciate it and I don’t appreciate it.” He objected, saying “who do you hear me talking about?” Since I didn’t want to be called a fat bitch, I didn’t say it was me, I just said please stop.

I feel better having said something today. But I’m going to have to walk past this man every morning. So what’s he going to say tomorrow?

Submitted by anonymous on 3/21/2011

Location: Fort Totten Metro Stop

Time of harassment: Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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2 Responses

  1. cathy

    you should consider complaining to whatever paper it is he hands out. he’s on the clock and making his employer look bad.

  2. Golden Silence

    Years ago when I used to live in DC, I had a problem with the guy who handed out the Examiner at Rhode Island Metro. He would make sexual comments under his breath sometimes, and other times if I didn’t take a paper from him he’d call me “bitch.” When I confronted him he’d try to deny it or ignore me. I contacted the Examiner repeatedly until I got a contact person I could complain to, and it took maybe a couple of weeks but I was heard and they got rid of that guy for someone who’s more professional.

    Please call the paper he works for and report him. There are great paper guys who work at the Metro stops, but you’ve got idiots like these who ruin it for everyone.