“you’ve got pretty legs”

I was walking down 14th St coming home from work and as this guy passed me he looks me up and down and says “you’ve got pretty legs” in a leery, sing-songy way.

Wasn’t expecting to hear that one – I have a big bruise/scab on one of my knees from a fall I had last week. This morning I debated wearing a dress without tights because of the state of my knee, but it was just so warm out that I skipped them. The dress is knee length, business appropriate and I was wearing a windbreaker type jacket and flip flops for the walk home. Not my finest hour.

At any rate, I definitely did not take it as a compliment, and the comment did not make me feel better about my appearance. It just made my skin crawl. It’s bad enough when men leer, but it’s way worse when they actually say what they’re thinking in that moment.

Submitted by ms on 3/18/2011

Location: 14th & Harvard St. NW

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. Think MPS


    Which, happily enough, anagrams to ‘hug’ 🙂