“But it’s my birthday.”

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Unfortunately, this is the 2nd story that I am submitting. I had just gotten a 2-hour-long root canal done in Old Town Alexandria and had metroed home to the U Street stop. I obviously a) didn’t look great, bundled up after a huge snow and my face swollen and b) didn’t want to speak with anyone.

I was walking home from the metro down 13th Street towards V, when I passed by the church on the lefthand side of the road. There were two men outside shoveling the sidewalk. The stopped shoveling to let me pass, and I smiled as best as I could at them as a thank you. One of the men said “Hey, you gotta cigarette I can have?” and I shook my head no. He then asked me if I had a phone, if he could call me sometime, that it was his 45th birthday that day, come on, can’t he call me? As I passed by him, I mumbled about meeting my husband at home (as he was just arriving from work that he couldn’t miss, but leaving early to come home and help take care of me). The guy said “Fine, and f**k you too, bitch!”

Submitted by JK

Location: 13th Street NW between U and V

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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  1. Nigerian Sista

    A lot of what I was going to say was already stated but I just wanted to add this. One of the main reasons I don’t indulge these harassers is because if it were the other way around and a male didn’t want to speak to a woman he WOULDN’T! And that would be the end of it. I witnessed it myself many times. Males like this are such hypocrites and I’ve had to really get mean and scream on a couple of them when they pulled this crap on me!