Let’s Make DC a Safer City

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Do you want to work to make the neighborhoods you live and work in safer for women and LGBTQ individuals? Are you passionate about ending public sexual harassment? Do you want to be part of a history making event here in DC? If your answer is “yes!” to all three of those questions then we want you to join our Community Safety Audit team.

We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Holly from Stop Street Harassment to conduct the FIRST EVER Community Safety Audit in DC. Community Safety Audits have been done since 1989 by people in cities across Canada and internationally in cities like Delhi, Cairo, and Tanzania. Our audit is adapted from the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence against Women & Children (METRAC) audit used in Toronto and outcomes will be used to make recommendations to the DC City Council and other local decision-makers.  In April (date TBD) we will announce those asks at an anti-street harassment rally, which we hope will lead to the first ever DC City Council hearing on street harassment!

This first Audit will be conducted on the first annual Anti-Street Harassment Day, which also happens to be the first day of Spring, Sunday, March 20.  The second Audit will be held in the evening on Wednesday, March 23.

In order to have the most successful audit we need 80 volunteers. So sign up and ask your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to sign up to0.

As a community we have the power to work collectively to make DC safer for everyone. Let’s make it happen!


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  2. Ryan
    | Reply

    Great great idea! Heads up on the survey–the question that reads “What languages do you speak fluently?” is currently required, and English is not one of the choices, so I wrote it in. I don’t want to see this hiccup stand in the way of recruiting other volunteers.

    • hollabackdc
      | Reply

      Thanks for catching that mistake. We’ve updated the form to include English.

  3. B.
    | Reply

    Hi there,

    I’m very interested in helping out, and I filled out the form, however I’m unclear as to what this actually entails. I’m not sure I understand what an audit in with regards to this subject.

    Can you please advise?

    Looking forward to being a part of this!


    • hollabackdc
      | Reply

      Sure! We will be sending out more details to everyone who signed up next week. Basically, we are organizing groups of people, training group leaders, and providing each group with a checklist of items to look for as they walk a few blocks in the their assigned ward. Participants will be looking for specific items that will help indicate if the area is safe and inclusive for everyone, they’ll be asking people on the street questions, as well as taking pictures and video. Don’t worry, we will be providing everyone with specific instructions and each group leader will have been trained!

  4. B.
    | Reply

    Sounds great! I’m totally on board.

    My only concern is that I wouldn’t want to walk it alone. Will we be walking together in groups, or at least pairs?

    • hollabackdc
      | Reply

      Yes! Groups of at least 3-5, possibly more depending on the response we get. We don’t want anyone walking alone either!

  5. Golden Silence
    | Reply

    I signed up, but a question I had is about Metro accessibility. Would the areas being audited be accessible by public transportation, or would be need a car to get around? I ask because I rely on public transportation and not all neighborhoods listed are the most Metro accessible.

    • hollabackdc
      | Reply

      We will make sure that the routes we map out are accessible for everyone!

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