“he reached out to grab my arm.”

There is a gentleman who lives near my bus stop who I see roughly twice a week. Every time he sees me, he starts yelling “Hello! Hey! Helloooo!” getting louder with each word. I wear headphones when I walk outside, mostly to drown out men like him. He saw me again this morning and, when I continued to ignore him, he reached out to grab my arm. I jogged across the street and kept moving.

Submitted by MJ on 2/10/2011

Location: 10th and L St NE

Time of harassment: Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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One Response

  1. MER

    If he touches you, that may be considered assault – check the laws here. And since he’s there regularly, you could take a picture of him for identification purposes. Different circumstances, but where I’m from, police wanted to know if the thief I caught in my apartment touched me at all because it made the attempted theft a more serious crime.