Inappropriate Driver on the 10B


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When I got on the bus, the driver said “You tall! You play pro ball? I bet I could beat you on the court. It would be a cheap date.” I sat down. When I wondered if the bus fare included ridiculousness I was told “Ok basketball lady”. He spoke the whole time I was on the bus to various people. He told another rider that when some singer from the Miracles sung he was convinced he was gay and “that turned me off right away. Cuz that’s some sick stuff right there. He then said “They call them customers because they cuss you out” and laughed.

After 30 minutes on the bus, when I went to get off at my stop, he opened the door and then said “You know what I was going to tell you earlier?” I shook my head and moved to get off the bus. He said “No come here, come here. I don’t want them to hear (gesturing to the rest of the passengers) I was going to say “When we lying down we the same height anyway.” And he laughed out loud.

In shock, I walked off the bus. I was so mad, so pissed, I nearly cried. Where does this guy get off thinking that he can say these things to me and I won’t do anything about it? I can’t believe how paralyzed I felt on the bus. I walked off. What the? So, here I am, trying to redeem some sense of self, pissed as hell, and glad Holla Back  DC! is here. I’ll be reporting to WMATA too. Jack ass!

Submitted by AL on 2/9/2011

Location: On 10B bus, headed North from Alexandria to Arlington

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. CB

    I’ve been harrassed by drivers as well (bus AND cab) but have never had the guts to report anyone. Can you leave a comment on how WMATA handles it?

  2. Golden Silence

    I’ve reported inappropriate drivers as well but I’ve gotten the typical stock response from WMATA. I hope your situation has a better outcome than mine.

    How do these jackasses get these jobs?! This guy sounds ignorant as hell!

  3. Nigerian Sista

    Well, I guess they feel comfortable to do out because they’re not being punished. I remember abour two summers ago, I got on the bus and I dropped a coin on the floor. I had a dress on so I didn’t pick it up. The driver asked if I I was going to pick it up up. I said no. He then asked me again with a big smirk on his face,”you not going to pick it up?” I looked him dead in his face with a serious look and said,”I have a dress on and no I’m not going to pick it up and you know better than to be asking me questions like that”. I then pointed at him and continued,”you should no better”. I then gave him the post pathetic face (looking at him as if he was pathetic) and walked off. When I sat down he came over and brought me my coin. I took it rolled my eyes and said thanks condescendingly. He actually smartened up after I verbally straightened him out. Some do some don’t… But because of all my experiences of harassment on public transportation, I just try to avoid it all together. I actually wonder if anyone can explain the correlation between public transportation and street harassment?

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  5. Long Time Bus Rider

    I so sympathize with your unfortunate encounter with this clearly ignorant and sexist knucklehead driver. I have taken Metro buses for over 40 years in this area and for the most part I find the drivers to be professional. But there are some idiot drivers out there to be sure and so it is ever important to take a stand and file a complaint. The Metro response might be seem stock (I’ve had that type of response also) but at least they have to make a record of the complaint and respond back. This 10 B driver clearly needs to be set straight by his employer and Metro won’t know of this kind of bad behavior unless the riders speak up and speak out. (Remember a while back when riders took a stand and got photos of drivers texting while they drove) Thank you A L for letting us know about this bus driver and sympathy for the unnessary embarassment you had to endure. And thank you Hollar Back DC for this forum.

  6. Bunny

    I was riding a metro bus alone one night and it was just me and a female bus driver, she asked me if I would mind talking to her, and we chatted. She told me how nasty some of the male bus drivers are to the “lady drivers”, she said she was sure that some of them do it to riders, but the union must protect them because noting ever happens. I think the more complainants of this nature get reported to metro, and talked about else were the more thing will change. So I smile to all those who share there negative experiences.