“What the hell?”

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I was heading to a class this evening, and I pass by this man in a fluorescent vest (it looked like it had the Arlington County logo on it…I couldn’t tell) who was standing in front of Sam’s Corner, this little deli where Wilson Blvd., Irving St., and Washington Blvd. intersect. He stares at me with malice and refers to me as “a dumb little ass.” Huh?!

I did a double-take. I stared at him with a “what the hell?!” look, maintaining eye contact with him while fishing in my purse for my phone to take a photo of him, because if he works for the county I want him recognized. Unfortunately by the time I got my phone he started walking off. Since I had to get to my class I couldn’t go after him to get a photo (it was early in the evening and plenty of people were out so I was not afraid).

This was at 2/8/11 at 5:50 PM. Who harasses someone while on the job/representing an organization, and who speaks so nastily to someone he doesn’t know? It just upset me that I had that weighing on me throughout my whole class.

Submitted by anonymous on 2/8/2011

Location: Fork at Wilson Blvd., N. Irving St. and Washington Blvd., Arlington

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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