The Repeat Harasser

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Cross posted from Stop Street Harassment Blog:

I’ve had it with this loser!

Once again, I got off the bus and was heading toward my office, when I see this guy dancing on the street, with his not-so-fly moves. I walk close to the curb to avoid having to walk directly past him, when I see it’s my “friend” who I’ve had repeated run-ins with in the past. It makes me grateful that I followed my gut feeling and avoided walking directly past him. However, he is pretty much in the faces of other women who walk past him, with his “Howya doin’?”s and this and that.

He says the same to me but I choose not to respond to him, and he then immediately says “Aw, HELL NO!” at me. He then starts with his corny dancing again.

Save for around the holiday time when he called me “baby” and wished me happy holidays, this guy has been randomly outside this Starbucks with his rude and obnoxious commentary towards me. This guy’s obviously got problems.

I pulled out my phone camera to catch him in the middle of one of his lame dance routines, but he sees me and ducks into the Starbucks. Coward.

As soon as I got to my office I called MPD. I told them I’ve reported him to them before and that I’m tired of dealing with him. If they do check up on him I want them to do something with him this time. Refer him to a shelter or something and get him off the street so he’ll stop harassing women like me who are simply trying to get to work. I don’t ever want to see him on the street again!

Submitted by tired of being harassed on 1/21/2011

Location: In front of the Starbucks at M Street & Wisconsin Avenue

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