“Are you the one breastfeeding?”

I was grocery shopping with my 11-week old infant when he awoke from a nap and needed to eat. I went up to the Cafe at Whole Foods, and sat in the way back near the women’s bathroom, with my back to the rest of the clientele, in order to breastfeed him in semi-private. The only other person near me was another woman, with a 1-year old boy. Soon after she left, my son finished eating, and I rearranged my shirt and put my son back in his car seat. As I was finishing up, a 30-somethingish guy came up and sat at the adjacent bar, turned to me, and asked, “Do you speak English?” I responded “Yes,” to which he said, with a smirk and wide eyes, “Are you the one breastfeeding?” I replied, rather indignantly, that I needed to feed my son, and quickly left.

Submitted by anonymous on 1/13/2011

Location: Whole Foods (14th & P NW)

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)


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  1. Mahri

    What a jerk… It’s as though he doesn’t understand that the reason women have breasts is to, you know, FEED THEIR CHILDREN.