“Damn, I HATE when girls have their headphones on”.

I was waiting on the sidewalk at 14th & Harvard for the light to change during the evening rush hour. Two teenage boys stopped next to me. A teenage girl was walking by about 10 ft away and I could see her head was down and her hands in her pockets. One of the boys saw her, too, and called out “hey girl!” to her. She walked on as if she hadn’t heard them at all and the boy said “Damn, I HATE when girls have their headphones on”.

Right. How DARE she wear her headphones and not be able to hear these guys cat calling her? How rude of her to preempt their attempts to hit on her by blocking their noise out with music. Her ears should be wide open to any boy/man who decides he wants to talk to her.

Ugh. I gave him a dirty look which he saw. The two boys were walking the same route as me for a bit and I could hear him saying various rude things behind me but most of it was blocked by the noise of the traffic.

I guess I should be grateful it didn’t escalate or that all he said to her was “hey girl”.

Submitted by ms on 1/11/2o11

Location: 14th & Harvard St NW

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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