Reflecting on 2010

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What an exciting year it has been!

Here is a glimpse at what 2010 brought us:

We’ve also been working behind the scenes on a lot of exciting changes that we will let you know about in 2011!

None of this work would be possible without the fiscal and emotional support of the DC Metro community. Through your connections , we’ve met amazing individuals, potential mentors, board members, and excited donors. We are in the process of incorporating and becoming a 501(c)(3), launching Right Rides, and developing a new website in order to increase our efforts and meet the needs  in order to make make our city free from public sexual harassment and assault.

If you would like to get involved please fill out our volunteer form here. (If you have already filled the form out but haven’t heard from us yet, it’s because we are working on developing a volunteer training and we will be in contact with everyone soon.)

We will be on hiatus till early January for a much need break and some relaxation time.  That doesn’t mean that street harassment stops or that you can’t submit your experience(s) which we will post when we return.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their personal experiences to help raise awareness about public sexual harassment.

We look forward to what the New Year has to offer.  Here is to many more safe walks, rides on the Metro and bus, and engaging conversations to end public sexual harassment and assault in the DC metro area.

From the HBDC! family to yours, happy holidays!

P.S. Here are the five most read experiences of the year to get you through the holidays.

Upskirting at Court House Metro from 5/13 (This submission actually led to the arrest of the perpetrator.)
Command: Smile from 7/13
Thank You For Showing Respect from 6/15
“Imma make you have my baby” from 6/8
Sexual Assault in Columbia Heights from 8/26

6 Responses

  1. Josef

    SO PROUD to be a part of the Holla Back DC! community, standing tall with everyone committed to safer spaces for all. Kudos to each one of those 300,000+ viewers to this web site, because each page view brings more attention and awareness to our collaborative cause. Cheers to a harassment-free DC!

  2. Anonymous

    Is the survey still up? I tried clicking on the link but it didn’t work.

    • hollabackdc

      It is supposed to still be up. We are working to figure out why it’s not working properly. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. hollabackdc

    The survey link is working again!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks so much! I just tried taking the survey. Hopefully it worked. After the community solutions question it took me to a “Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.” page.

  5. PS