He slapped. My ass.

It was my second day in DC. I was already frustrated, having moved to a new city with no job and no functioning computer. That’s why I was in Columbia Heights. I had just dropped of my laptop at Best Buy, and was walking to back to the metro. As I approached the metro stop, I noticed a man walking towards me. I assumed he would say something stupid and then continue on his way. But oh no, that wasn’t all.

He slapped. My ass.

And that’s when I went into a blind rage. I started hitting him back with my empty laptop case that I luckily had been holding. Any ways, he got scared and ran away, with me screaming at him in the background.

I couldn’t believe this had happened to me. Seriously? In broad daylight!! I was livid. I don’t know if I’m proud of the way I reacted. But I sure hope that jerk learned his lesson and never tries to pull a stunt like that again.

Submitted by amz on 12/16/2010

Location:Columbia Heights

Time of Harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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4 Responses

  1. cathy

    for what it’s worth, i’m proud of the way you reacted. 🙂

    and i had poo thrown at me on my second day in dc – on that same block, years ago before the mall was there. so yeah. maybe it’s like a bermuda triangle of civility?

  2. anna

    Check out the Welsh Assembly Government’s new campaign to challenge the endemic culture of victim blame for rape and sexual assault. This one follows on from their earlier campaign onesteptoofar which tackled attitudes of acceptance of street harassment.

    Let’s Stop Victim Blame.

  3. Golden Silence

    I don’t know if I’m proud of the way I reacted.

    Don’t question your reaction. He got what he deserved and maybe it’ll deter him from doing this to another woman, like you said.

  4. FFF

    He deserved worse. It’s a shame it was an empty laptop bag rather than a backpack full of textbooks.