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From ARL Now (via tip from Emily R.):

In this week’s Arlington County crime report, we find two similar cases of sexual battery. In each case, the suspect is alleged to have committed the crime while riding a bicycle.

Arlington Bike Path (by dsearls via creative commons on Flickr)

SEXUAL BATTERY 12/04/10, 2800 block of N. 11th Street. On December 4 at 2 am, a woman was walking when an unknown male rode past her on a bicycle and grabbed her buttocks. After the woman walked further, the same suspect rode by her again, and assaulted her a second time. The suspect was wearing a dark knit cap and a dark jacket. He also had long dark hair.

SEXUAL BATTERY 12/04/10, 4400 block of N. 15th Street. On December 4 at 4:45 pm, a woman was running on a bike trail when an unknown subject rode up behind her on a bicycle and grabbed her buttocks. The suspect was an Asian or Hispanic teenage male, 5’7” and 140 lbs. He was wearing a black puffy jacket, jeans, brown boots, and carried a green backpack.

Let us know if you hear of or are a survivor of this type of grabbings by bikers in Arlington. And thanks, Emily R, for sending us this tip! HIGH FIVE!

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  1. Golden Silence

    Thanks for the tip!

    However, to the commentators at ARLNow, no thanks! Their comments about being tempted to grab a woman’s butt if they rode by and how they wouldn’t mind if a woman grabbed them (as well as the racist/classist comments about the alleged criminals) are annoying as hell.