Running For Safety

I was coming home after working, I phone bank in the evenings, and it had been a particularly long night, and my friend who lives in Oregon called me as I was wrapping things up at work. I was on the phone with my friend as I got on and off the bus home. As I got off the bus, turned on Farragut St, there was a short man standing/hovering in the middle of the street.

He looked like he might have been just taking his time crossing the street, so I said “excuse me” as I crossed the street in the other direction. But as I did that, he started towards me, so I started to walk more briskly towards my house. I started describing the guy and where I was to my friend on the phone, and I noticed he was still following me, so I started jogging, I was getting some distance on him (he was still walking) so I thought maybe he had given up. Then I realized he had started running after me so I stopped talking on the phone and booked it down half of the street (it’s a long block) crossed the street into my house where luckily there was a bunch of friends and housemates home. He was still hanging around my house several minutes later. I still don’t know if he wanted to mug me, rape me, or what.

Submitted By RH on 12/1/10

Location: Farragut St NW between 13th and 14th

Time: Night (7:30P-12A)

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