“I decided to respond.”

This morning I was walking to my car, which was parked a few blocks from my apartment, to get to boot camp (exercise, not military). As I passed the BP gas station just north of N St on 13th, a guy at one of the pumps started making fairly explicit remarks about my body. I’m no stranger to street harassment, especially when working out in the morning, but I generally just ignore the comments.

But this morning, I felt something snap, and I decided to respond. I could only think of the words that Marty Langelan used in a self-defense class I took many years ago. So I said what she taught me to say.

“Hey! Stop harassing women. I don’t like it. Nobody likes it! Show some respect.”

The harasser at first held up his hands and apologized. But as soon as I started walking away, I heard him yelling about his big dick. Sigh.

The insult to injury? My trainer didn’t show up for class, so I wasn’t even able to channel my anger into a good workout!

Submitted by Salem on 11/23/2010

Location: 13th & N Sts NW

Time of Harassment: Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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One Response

  1. Mazzie

    Oh, Salem, I’m so sorry this happened to you.

    You are so much braver than I have been thus far. I fantasize about saying those words when I am harassed, but I never can muster them.

    The fact that he yelled again as you walked away just proves that you’re a million times braver than him.

    We need to find a gym with a heavy bag. WHAP WHAP WHAP.