“Beautiful Sista”

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I cut my hair short this summer and was too “masculine-looking” (society’s view, not mine) to be harassed by men on the street, but now my hair’s grown out to an “acceptable feminine length” (see previous thought) making me noticeable for “compliments” from men on the street again.

As I left work yesterday and walked to the bus stop, a man begging for change referred to me as “beautiful sista” and “sexy woman.” I did not see him go out of his way to refer to non-black women or any men in this manner.

Something similar happens when I get to Rosslyn. A man was passing out flyers and he’s calling me “beautiful sista.” Though I was not interested in a flyer he walks over to where I was waiting for my connecting bus and asks again. “If I wanted one I would’ve taken one when you were standing over there,” I said, pointing to where he previously was.

“Well maybe you changed your mind,” he says, and walks away.

Some people don’t consider this harassment, and some women wouldn’t mind being called “beautiful,” but I feel compliments like that are too personal coming from men I don’t know. I’d rather it come from a significant other, not some random Joe. I just want to get from one point to another without strange men old enough to be my father hitting on me. I also don’t like how I’m singled out by men who think being the same race as I am gives them the right to talk to me as if I’m “their woman” or something. It’s irritating and I wish it’d stop.

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Location: M Street & Wisconsin Avenue (DC); Rosslyn Metro (VA)

Time:Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. Sigmagrrl

    I TOTALLY agree with you! I am sick of black men thinking that, just because I’m of the same race, I am in any way interested in a dialogue with them! GO AWAY!

  2. Ron

    I am so grateful to having found these web sites identifying experiences that women go through being victims of unwanted attention and advances by men. This a good education for men. I never leer or even speak to women unless spoken to first. Moreover, this approach makes my life more productive and respectable.

    Thanks for such a great service.