A Helping Hand

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This happened to my roommate- a homeless man started harassing her, become increasingly loud, angry, aggressive and threatening as she continued to ignore him. As she was starting to shake from fear, a woman also waiting for the bus stepped between the two of them and said to my roommate, “Would you like some of tea?” My roommate couldn’t answer, but the woman took her by her hand into a coffee shop and bought her a cup of tea.

I think it’s important for ALL of us, women especially, to watch out for the harassment of others and intervene as soon as we see it.


Submitted by anonymous on November 1, 2010

Location: On the 96 bus, starting at about 9th and U Streets

Time of Harassment: Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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2 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    How kind of that woman to step in like that! I love hearing about positive bystander intervention stories.

  2. pagodat

    Always nice to hear about people on the street looking out for each other. It makes me wonder if there would be a non-threatening way for a guy to intervene similarly — I’m pretty sure that taking a harassed woman by the hand in such a situation would be less welcome from a male passerby. Anyone have any ideas?

    I think I read somewhere about just walking up toward a woman who is being harassed and acting like an old buddy of hers, calling out a random female name as though you know her and are greeting her, which would generally cause the harasser to make himself scarce.