Do you want me to back you up?

I stayed home sick from work the other day and managed to drag myself to the grocery store for some orange juice. On my way back there was a man standing by a delivery truck who kept looking at me as I was walking up the sidewalk — a good 10 feet at least. As I passed him he said “you want me to back you up?”

Somehow I wasn’t expecting it. The best I managed to get out was “What? No.” I’m sure I looked like I was delirious and about to vomit, because that was how I felt even without the street harassment.

I kept walking, and he kept yelling at me. He said something about “that’s the attitude I always get.” No shit, that’s the attitude you get for harassing people. I raised my middle finger to him without looking back and kept walking. He continued to yell at me until I was more than a block away. Thank God he didn’t follow me. Though if he had maybe I could’ve puked on him.

Submitted by JR on 10/29/10

Location: Mt. Pleasant St & Irving St NW

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30AM-3:30PM)

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2 Responses

  1. Erin

    I don’t even know what that means! Not only is it harrasment, it’s nonsense as well. Unless it does have some meaning. If so, will someone tell me what it is?

    • Golden Silence

      I’ve found that “harassese” is a language all of its own. Harassers just say whatever nonsense and garbage that comes to their mind just to get a woman’s attention. It’s corny and annoying.