Tell DC Metro Police That Excessive Force Is Unacceptable

Last week on of our readers alerted us to this triggering video of a police officer using unnecessary force on a young woman at the Gallery Place metro station.  After the incident occured Metro Transit Police launched an investigation but determined there was no wrong doing on the police officer’s end.


Sign this petition at to let the Washington Area Transit Authority know that you don’t support officers using excessive force and urge them to reconsider this case.

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  1. anya

    i just got this message using the petition. take 3 extra clicks to actually get it through:

    This address is no longer active for direct email communication to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro). We regret a…ny inconvenience.

    If you wish to send a customer comment, suggestion, or complaint, please log on to the Metro Web site at and click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the Home Page, then use the “Customer Comment Form” link, or go directly to the following link:

    • hollabackdc

      We contacted to see if they can fix it. Thanks!

  2. Bob

    Just looks like your typical mouthy, I-think-I-can-get-away-with-anything-because-I’m-woman from DC or NoVa getting put in her place. That’s what happens when you mouth-off to a cop! We’re supposed to feel sorry for her because she has female anatomy, which somehow makes her above the law? Things like this really should happen more often because the truth is — the women in this town need to learn how to respect others a hell of a lot more than the men do.

  3. anonymous

    Wow… I have to say somethong. I am a 26 year old Nigerian woman and I no longer trust the police. I had a situation when I was in grocery store in Largo, Md and a guy in plainclothes walked up behind me and starte harrassing me. I was the onle person in the isle and I am only 5’4 andmedium build. I think the guy was looking for trouble because he started talking to me about why I am I standing in the middle of the isle like that. I had no clue what he was talking about and told him he didn’t have to talk to me like that just because I’m a woman. He started yelling at me and telling me to turn my music down because he saw headphones in my ear. I didn’t even have music on, I wear headphones to deter harassment (it didn’t work this time)! We had an argument because he started one. My brother confronted him about why he was talking to me the way he was and he ended up pulling out his gun on my brother. Turned out the bastard was an MPD Forensics officer. He never evne announced he was a cop. I filed a complaint against him and an investigation was done. His Lt. (a woman) exonerated him from his actions and even told me that it was all my fault over the phone (can you imagine). I am now in the process of reporting this conduct to OPC (office if police complaints). The incident really shook me up because when the ‘cop’ pulled out his gun, I thought I was dead. I didn’t know he was an officer. Quite frankly the level of disrespect that woman have to deal with from males in this area is unnaceptable. They almost always seem to get away with this stuff and women are left wondering why and how to better safeguard ourselves from the next incident. The sad thing is that there is no safeguard. What needs to change is the male behavior in the Metropolitan.

  4. […] our post the other week about the Metro Transit police officer who used unnecessary force on a young woman, we received multiple accounts of just how badly the Metro Transit Police handle reports of sexual […]

  5. Muk

    Wow, I’ve been away for election stuff and just found out about this.
    I’m not riding metro until they resolve this.

  6. LD

    Too much of the video is dark and the evidence is inconsistent. We also don’t know what occurred before the camera started filming. Unprofessional behavior by the cop? Absolutely. Sounds to me more like the case of some mouthy 21-year broad who had to learn a hard lesson. You don’t drop F-bombs on cops, especially when intoxicated.

    • Golden Silence

      Regardless of what she did LD, the officer used too much force when it was not needed. Why did he continue to yell “Stop resisting!” at her when she was lying on the ground and held by him and unable to move? You seem to be playing devil’s advocate here.

  7. Ross

    I see that my comment regarding the Metro incident is still awaiting moderation. I hope that because I questioned the interpretation of the events expressed in the post and subsequent comments, that you don’t want to publish my contribution. I would hate to think that Hollback would shy away from controversy or otherwise prevent the free expression of multiple viewpoints, because that would be very disappointing. This is the second time that a comment of mine has not been posted and, maybe not coincidentally, it also questioned a contributer’s events as harrassment. Is this a pattern?

    I started to read Hollaback because I have always been sympathetic to the street harassment experienced by women in this city, and have on occassion happily defended women being verbally abused by cowards on the Metro and on the street. Nevertheless, I am becoming less of a fan because I suspect that, contradictory to your claims, Hollaback does in fact have an agenda. If your website is, as you claim under your FAQs, a “safe space for community dialogue and engagement,” I have yet to see it.

  8. kt

    She definitely continued to resist! I was there and she refused to give up her hand. Not only did she curse the officer, but she refused to leave the station several times. Once she stopped resisting and gave the officer her hand it was all over. The officer wasn’t at any fault and this video tells very little to the part the young lady played… Big thank you to police everywhere! Keep doing your jobs!

  9. Donkey Punch

    If force is necessary to prevent somebody from harming themselves or others then I believe the cop should do what ever is necessary after all she is acting stupid in a potentially dangerous crowded place. I’d rather know that police are dealing with foolish behaviour in public rather then leave it unchecked.

  10. Kayle

    UM, did you not hear the audio of him telling her to leave and then attacking her while she was leaving. He got angry because she swore at him and attacked her. case closed. Or is it still resisting arrest if you’re doing what the officer told you to do?