“Hey, Baby”

I am walking to meet my girlfriend for lunch. We spot each other approaching and she begins running toward me down the block. Out of nowhere, a voice calls out to me, “Hey, Baby.” I turn to glare at two men sitting in a parked car. The man in the passenger seat yells, “What’s the matter, you don’t like Black people?” I turn and reply, “That’s my girlfriend.” I skip over to my girlfriend (who just so happens to be Black). We embrace, then walk back down the street arm-and-arm. The car drives by and the man shouts, “You really weren’t joking!”

Submitted by Whitney on 10/26/10

Location: G St. NW and North Capitol

Time: Day time (9:30-3:30)

One Response

  1. Obie

    All right, so I’m, of course, bothered by the fact that two sketchy dudes in a car yelled at you and then attempted to play the “race card” when you stared them down. But I was still cracking up at how well the whole scenario played out once your girlfriend showed up. Here’s hoping a little humiliation taught the idiots in the car to keep their mouths shut from now on!