“Slut Is Sexy!”

Took the long way to walk to a friend’s house last Saturday because I really wanted some “me” time. After admiring the view from the gorgeous bridge on Connecticut Avenue, I continued walking up Connecticut when the man I was passing on the street said very loudly —


It felt like someone had slapped me in the face. I turned around as he walked past me and all I could muster was “Fuck you.”

He turned and smiled defiantly, while giving me the middle finger. I continued, “Do not talk to women that way.”

Then I turned around and began to walk away. The male counterpart of a young-ish couple walking past said, “You’re beautiful, but don’t be mad, slut is sexy”.

Considering he was smoking a joint and laughing at me the whole time, it didn’t make me feel much better. I continued walking to my friend’s house, feeling angry, anxious, and upset.

Submitted by EM on 10/25/10

Location: Calvert St NW & Connecticut St NW

Time of Harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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One Response

  1. Clarice

    Dam it! This makes me so mad! I don’t think men knowing the flipping meaning of that word. Or they just know how much the name hurts a womans and also how it demeans her confidence. What a swine. No respect, no manners, no self dignaty! Well done for standing up for us 🙂 and as for that other dude, sounds like he has no sense of mannerism either! Losers.