“It was so nasty”

I was in a cab a few doors down from my building, and while waiting in a small line of traffic I saw these two construction workers checking out the legs of a girl in a skirt and boots. It was so nasty and their creepy butts didn’t hide the fact that they were leering. I saw them smile and laugh to each other after they did their dirty deed, and they said something (I couldn’t make out what).

I took a photo of them, and I also wanted to roll down the window to yell at them, but I was too close to my building and didn’t want them to try to follow me after I got out of the cab. When they’re on break from the job they need to find something better to do than check out innocent women trying to go about their day!

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/21/2010

Location: M & 31st Streets

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew

    I don’t know if my opinion counts since I’m a guy, but I do read this site frequently and am disgusted by street harassment when I see it. But it’s not clear that these guys did anything wrong. They apparently didn’t say anything, they could have been smiling and talking about something else. And “did their dirty deed” seems overly harsh considering no deed seems to have been done.
    They saw an attractive woman and probably talked about it. Were they supposed to put their heads down in shame as soon as their brains indicated attraction? Remember that all men (and frequently women) have lustful thoughts. What HB is supposed to promote is that people have a responsibility to control their urges and respect other people’s space. It’s not supposed to make men feel bad for being attracted to women.

    • Sally

      I agree, Andrew. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, whether we like them or not. However, women are often subjected to varying degrees of harassment and it is easy as a woman to lump any attention from strange men into the category of unwanted advances. Groups of men can be intimidating and bring discomfort even if all they are doing is looking; it still feels oppressive.

  2. Clarice

    They sound like a pair of immature jerks. Good on you for capturing a pic of them, it’s a shame you couldn’t give them a piece of your mind because you were too close to your home. I hope they get caught and sacked 🙂

  3. Andrew

    You’re right Sally, and I totally understand why women need to be vigilant. I have four sisters that are college-aged and seeing what women have to put up with in this city makes me worry for their safety. However, being a man, I know what kind of feelings can be elicited when a man sees an attractive woman. Trust me, you don’t CHOOSE to have those feelings. The problem is that (patriarchal) society rewards trumpeting this visceral reaction as a display of a certain kind of machismo. What we need to teach is that a real man has the same animal impulses as everyone else, he just knows that the human, civilized thing to do is control and channel them.