Crotch scratcher on the bus

There were a bunch of rude folks and weirdos on the bus today, such as one guy who put his wet umbrella on the seat next to him and another guy who picked his nose and didn’t care who was looking. But the guy who kept scratching his crotch was the worst offender.

At first I thought he was trying to quickly scratch an itch, which is still gross but would’ve been over and done with. Not this guy! He was pretty much massaging himself and taking his time, stroking himself. And like the guy who picked his nose, he didn’t care that he was doing this in public!

I managed to discreetly get a photo of him. I didn’t get a shot of him in the act, though. What disturbs me is that he’s wearing what appears to be a chef’s uniform. I wouldn’t want this guy touching my food. Gross!

The last time he did it I managed to get eye contact with him and I gave him the most disgusted look. He immediately threw his hand up in the air as if he was trying to scratch something else.

Riding public transportation and dealing with weirdness is a pain, but having to witness this really took the cake.

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/14/2010

Location: 38B to Farragut Square

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