“Mmm, mmm, MMM”

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Photo by Andres Rueda via flickr

Just after I finished up my run early this morning, I crossed 13th at M in front of a car waiting at the light. The driver — who sounded male, although I didn’t look to confirm — called to me, “Oh, baby, you look so fine. Mmm, mmm, MMM.” I had my headphones on, so I just pretended not to hear and kept walking. I should also note that I was pouring sweat, and I am pretty sure I was in the middle of blowing my nose on my shirt sleeve as this was said to me. In other words, I was totally gross.

This goes to show that street harassment is not about compliments, or appreciation of beauty, as its supporters would claim. It is simply about power: Invading someone else’s privacy and making the object of harassment feel uncomfortable.

Submitted by Salem on 10/8/2010

Location: 13th & M Sts NW

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