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  1. kb

    Well, there are guys learning what it’s like now — not that I think turnabout is fair play:


    Blonde in convertible: Hey, cutie!
    Suit: (turns around briefly, keeps walking)
    Blonde: Hey! With the nice ass, we were talking to you!
    Suit, walking back to convertible: Yes?
    Blonde: My friend here thinks you’re cute and wants your number.
    Suit: Uh… I’m flattered, but I have a fiancee, so I’ll pass.
    Brunette driver: I didn’t ask if you were single, I said you had a nice ass and I want your number.
    Suit: Again, thanks, but no.
    Brunette: How about I give you mine?
    Blonde: You know, for when the marriage doesn’t work out.
    Suit: Yeah, no. But you girls have a great day.

    –3rd Ave & 46th St

  2. Golden Silence

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. And who’s to say that the guy who got harassed partakes in harassing himself? I can’t read emotion from this, but I have the feeling that this poor guy was embarrassed. I don’t blame him. Those chicks were idiots.

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