So, my 10 year old niece and I are walking into a restaurant, we entered thru a different door than where the hostesses were located. Therefore, we had to walk thru the restaurant and pass the bar to get seated. I’m walking she is behind me but she’s still visible.

As I pass the bar, a man yells “HELLO!” in a “look what we have here kind of way.” I give him a stern “Hello” and a facial expression to let him know that I am not the one. I’m going to speak and you will leave me alone, I have children with me. There is nothing more embarrassing than being approached by a man when you are with your “babies.”

When we get to the podium, my niece leans in and says “Hey do you know him?” I said “No baby, I don’t know.”

A little annoyed and embarrassed because I’m thinking I may have to explain this to her–that this happens to women, why it happens and a whole bunch of crap I don’t want to go into because it’s heavy for a ten year old and my niece holds the record for maximum number of questions in a 2-minute period (15).

She looks back at him, looks at me and says “STRANGER DANGER!”

I howled. And said “Honey you don’t know the half!”

Submitted by DB on 8/25/2010

Location: Mass & North Capitol

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

2 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    From your niece’s reaction, I do not feel 10 is too young to explain street harassment to her. I feel that kids nowadays are a lot wiser and hipper to things than we were when we were that age. I think kids should be educated young about harassment—boys should learn that treating girls like that is not cool, and girls should learn that they don’t have to accept that kind of treatment from boys.

    You don’t have to get technical with her, but you can explain to her that there are boys who don’t respect girls, as well as men who don’t respect women. Also instill in her self-respect and confidence, so she’ll grow up to be a young woman who knows not to tolerate harassment. I already think she’s on a good start to stand up to harassment.

  2. PrettyAmiable

    I kind of want to start doing this again – just yelling STRANGER DANGER at men who won’t STFU and leave me alone.

    Love your niece!