Hoax, Crepes, and Facebook

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Yesterday, our jaws dropped when we read about the Jet Blue dude AND the whiteboard gal.  Now, we realize that one was a hoax that caught on like chives on baked potato.  However, like our loyal reader, Mahri wrote on our FB wall, “yeah, I actually don’t care that much it was a hoax… it was inspiring for the tons of women out there who do get sexually objectified at work! maybe some women will do the real thing!”

We concur.  And rage can create sparks of creative action.  That’s how Holla Back DC! gave birth.

Speaking of, we went from #70 to #68.  Go people, go!  We can make it to #65.  How, you ask?  Through getting out the vote.  If you have some extra time, why not grab a large bottle of water, go to a Starbucks, and get people to vote for the project?  It’s an easy way to meet people and get people to vote for a project you adore.

Let’s meet a HBDC! captain: Hannah E.

This project is important to me because I want to help others have a safe ride home–I believe that it’s not a luxury, but a right to feel safe and secure at all times.  I happened to be at a family reunion the first week of August and was able to share the Pepsi Challenge voting opportunity with family while I was there–what a perfect time to answer the “So, what have you been up to?” question!  I’ve also been forwarding the email to friends, and have posted this link on The New Gay Chatterbox–since I’m the editor it’s been super easy to post!  Yes, I’ve been publicly harassed from “hey, baby” to getting groped at clubs.  Although for a long time I excused this harassment as just something that happens, I’m ready to fight back for my right to privacy. I felt like it ‘should not be a big deal’ until I tried to think about harassment from the perspective of what would I think if this happened to my best friend? Or to my sister?

Here is her favorite recipe of all time is super easy


2 eggs
2 cups milk
2 cups flour
1 Tbs vanilla

Mix milk and eggs and vanilla in bowl, slowly beat flour in.  Let sit room temperature for 20 minutes then cook on skillet until golden brown on both sides.  Serve hot with butter and powdered sugar, or Nutella for sweet or cooked spinach (just cook spinach with some butter on a skillet–super easy) and ricotta.

Thanks, Hannah, for your support and getting the word out about us!

Alright folks, see you at #65!

HBDC! Team

P.S. If you have people voting, have them join our Facebook fan page.