“Just fantasizing about you and me and some ice cream baby.”

I was at the local gas station, minding my own business buying Snickers ice cream cones for me and my girlfriend who was waiting at home. An older man comes to the counter and makes a “Snickers really satisfies” comment, which I laughed, and responded by saying “Right? Snickers and ice cream, a perfect thing for a hot night.”

He then proceeded to say “Yeah, I have ideas about what to do with that ice cream, feels good going down” in a “sultry” voice. I looked at him and said “No, no, no, no, no.” laughing. I figured maybe he would shut up. I was wrong, he continued with “Just fantasizing about you and me and some ice cream baby, just fantasizing, ain’t nothing wrong with that.” I just walked out, shaking my head.

I did hurry to try to get across to my apartment as quick as I could because I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. I am a big person (300lbs and 5’10”) so I am wasn’t afraid, but as I got to the front door, a smaller woman (about 5’5″ and 120) came out with her dog and I told her she might want to take another route just to avoid annoyance.

Submitted by Anonymous on 8/9/2010

Location: In a gas station

Time of Harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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2 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    What is up with harassers’ perverted minds and ice cream? I’m shaking my head at this as well!

  2. ABP

    Yeah, apparently ice cream really gets some jerks going. Ridiculous.