“Hey baby, I want to have some of your ice cream.”

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Photo by Recoilrick via flickr

I was on my way to a meeting and I stopped by Dairy Queen to snag a blizzard. I stepped out of my car and a man was standing in the parking lot and smiled at me when I got out, but it was more of a leering smile than a friendly, passing-by smile. I ignored him and went into the Dairy Queen. As I came out of the Dairy Queen, I noticed that the same guy was standing by my car now, almost as if he was waiting for me (and I’m sure he was) to come back. As I approached he said, “Hey baby, I want to have some of your ice cream.” I ignored him, and went to my car door, and he quickly countered with a loud declaration, “Oh I see you’ve got an attitude then.” At this point, I lost all cool and whipped around to respond, “Yeah, I have an attitude because it’s inappropriate to harass women in the parking lot you creep!”

The guy proceeded to act as if he hadn’t heard me (yeah, right) and started shouting back “Huh!? Hello? What did you say? Helloooo!?” as I got into my car, and immediately locked my doors. He stepped towards my car and then after a few seconds retreated behind another vehicle in the parking lot and I pulled away. I was wearing a dress, and I’m sure when I got out of the car initially, it was the fact that I showed a little leg stepping out of the vehicle that got this guy interested…but since when does catching a glimpse of a woman’s body entitle you to engage/harass her?

Submitted by ABP on 8/3/2010

Location: Dairy Queen, Veirs Mill Rd., MD

Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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