Crossing the Street

I was crossing the street and there was a motorcycle stopped at the red light with two guys sitting on it. As I went through the crosswalk and was about to pass right in front of them, the one on the back of the motorcycle started in with the standard “hey baby, how you doing tonight, where are you going…” stuff. After I ignored them and kept walking past, the one driving the motorcycle started laughing and saying similar “hey girl” things. As I was getting farther away he shouted, “Hey! Wait! Why won’t you talk to us? Look, we’re white, it’s cool…” (I am white, FYI.)

They were still waiting at the light while I had walked quickly down the block and was trying to put them out of my mind. Then I saw the motorcycle drive past me and pull into the parking lot of the 7-11 I was about to walk past… I panicked for a second, thinking that they were going to start talking to me again, or even get off the bike — but luckily they just looked at me as I walked past, starting laughing to each other, and went into the store.

Submitted by RC on 8/2/2010

Location: 7th St, NW & Rhode Island Avenue, NW

Time of Harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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