Violated On The Orange Line

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As I got on the orange line train at 8am towwards New Carrolton with another young lady, a middle aged  man was eager to get off the car. He was dressed in a faded green shirt, blue addidas-type pants and black soccer shoes with cleats (possibly). Once we were on, he got right back on after us. Even though there was space in the car, his kept pressing his body flush against mine. When I looked down he had a boner- he wasn’t shy or embarrassed and he never made eye contact- he just looked down at my butt. Another guy saw I was uncomfortable and moved to make room for me. This man in the green shirt got off at the next stop but I saw him get into another car. I reported the incident to a metro employee who said she’d run a lookout on the radio but she barely asked for any information and didn’t ask for my name, though I gave it to her anyway. The worst part is that in these incidents, I always get angry afterwards and feel guilty f or not reacting and yelling in the moment; however, in the moment, I just want to get away and I am in disbelief that this is even happening. So, I get to feel violated, guilty for not saying anything and unassisted by authorities before 9am on a Wednesday and for the rest of the week…

Submitted by Kendra Sand on 7/28/2010

Location: On the Orange line train heading to New Carrollton between Courthouse and Rosslyn

Time of Harassment:Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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  1. Teresa

    I’m sorry that this happens to you. If I was there & saw it happening, I would hope that I would embarass the male or inadvertently spill something on him. 🙂