Bewildered IV

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 This is a continuation of a continuation – Bewildered thread.

Only this time I wasn’t bewildered, I was totally prepared.

I saw my “friend” again today for the tenth (give or take) time over a course of the past several weeks. The same, now infamous, guy who poses as a donation-collector for the Boys & Girls Club, even though they do not have street recruiters, (I have called twice to ensure this).

I’ve learned a few lessons from this guy –

Experience 1 – Don’t always trust street recruiters – he sexually harassed me the first time around.

Experience 2 – Calling him out in front of someone he is trying to solicit for a donation will not deter him from coming back. He will just cuss at you and go on about his business.

Experience 3 & 4 – Calling the police (twice, on two different occasions) will not work.

So this time I decided to get crafty and I was ready for him…

Today I saw him talking to a guy in the same spot outside of the Dupont Metro. I’ve wanted to take a picture of him for a while now and at first I thought I would be discreet about it but I could not seem to get close enough for a good shot. I assumed he would recognize me since I’ve seen him SEVERAL times now. However, I got a few feet away and pretended to play with my phone with my camera ready to go and he turned and asked if I wanted to help kids. I looked up at him and looked for a sign that he recognized me. He didn’t.

I raised my phone to take a picture and said “sorry, what’s that?” with as much nonchalance as I could muster and took a picture.

He proceeded to give me the same story, completely unfazed by my taking him picture. “Have you donated to the Boys & Girls Club?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve worked with them before, what address do you work at?” I asked.

“Over at P and 31st, oh you’ve donated before?” he opened his arms to hug me.

No thanks,” I said and put my hands up.

He stepped back, “Respect, respect,” he spoke quickly and mentioned that it looked like rain and handed over the sheet he always has with him.

I took it willingly and took a picture of it, too. All the while he was talking quickly both to me and I soon realized to someone he had on the phone through a headset.

I handed the paper back, said thanks and left. I turned around when I got to the escalator and saw him talking to another guy.

Does anybody have some ideas on what I can do to advise the DC area about this guy? Hollaback community unite!

Submitted by Jenna on 7/21/2010

Location: outside the Dupont Circle Metro

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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11 Responses

  1. LCE

    NICE work getting those photos! I look forward to hearing feedback from other readers about what to do about this creep.

  2. hollabackdc

    Great job, Jenna!! Maybe it is time that we write a letter or email to the Boys and Girls Club.

  3. bob

    yo I gave one of them punks money before dang thats messed up Im from an urban area so , I really felt for them cause I know how it is first hand but, these dudes just hustling that way is disgusting

  4. Carolyn

    There has got to be something that the B&G Club can/should do about this. That document is simply embarrassing.

    He should also know that 31 + P is not Capital Hill.

    I guess caveat emptor doesn’t ring true if this guy is still in business day after day.

  5. Quest

    Great photo!!! Im kind of excited now that people can easily identify him

  6. DCGirl

    Has anyone else read that flyer? They use chatspeak (can u, we are out here 2 ask). WHAT PERSON WOULD THINK any organization would use that kind of language on handouts.

    And a “Small” donation of 20$?

    The nearest Boys and Girls Club is .7 miles from the intersection of 31st and P. The Capitol Hill office shut down in August 2007. Clearly they’ve done their research.

  7. Golden Silence

    Jenna, I hope to meet you one day so I can personally congratulate you for doing this. That was so bold and brave!

    I always said if I were the one to take the photo I’d have flyers made of it immediately, and I’d post them around the areas he scams at so more people would be hip to what he was doing. I think if this info gets sent to the Boys & Girls Club then they can be the ones to make the flyers. That guy does look somewhat like the guy I saw at McPherson Square Metro back during the holidays.

    That sign is pathetic! The editor in me wants to take a red pen to all those typos. And yes, 31st & P is nowhere near Capitol Hill, it’s in Georgetown. I also wonder if the names and numbers on it are real or are they fake.

    Once again, thank you for doing this Jenna. That will make it much easier to work towards getting him off the streets!

  8. Anonymous

    thank you so much guys! what about writing in to the express to see if they’d do an article on him?

    • Jenna

      Sorry, this is Jenna I posted the “anonymous” comment from my home and my name didn’t post, too. I think an article in the Express would be a good way to reach people but I don’t have any connections there.

  9. Golden Silence

    I hope this isn’t a duplicate since WordPress was eating replies I was trying to leave on this, but you can send a letter to the editor or other feedback to the Express at

    Also, I think someone should get DC Blogs to have this post as one of their featured post. Word tends to spread quickly when something’s featured there, and it’d help get more people involved.

    Each step gets this guy closer to being off the streets!

  10. Golden Silence

    It’s been a while since I’ve heard any updates about this fool…has he been caught or is he still out there?