“Has That Line Ever Worked?”

When I’m on the street I put on my tunnel vision goggles. I don’t speak to or look at anyone. I just walk. So, when some jackass on the street whispers “nice tits” at me, (and notice my use of “at” instead of “to”) it doesn’t usually register until I’m too far away to “holla back.” But, of course, after I’ve marinated on it for a while, I think of exactly what I would have said. In this case, I would have said, “I’m sorry, I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that you didn’t just say “nice tits” at me, but my experience leads me to believe you did. Please tell me, what exactly you’re hoping to get out that statement of fact? I’d really like to know.”

Similarly, past experience have made me want to confront my harassers and ask “Has that line ever worked? If so, I’d really like to meet these women and smack them upside the head for teaching you that that’s acceptable. If not… shut the fuck up.”

Submitted by JMR on 7/19/2010

Location: 15th and L NW

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. Golden Silence

    When it came to questioning harassers and their motives, in the past I used Martha Langelan’s confrontation survey (which is in her book “Back off!: how to confront and stop sexual harassment and harassers”). The excuses these guys came up with were ridiculous. Some got defensive (and close to physically aggressive), some acted clueless, and others boasted about how their techniques actually worked on other women. It was sad commentary, to say the least.