Escalator Creep

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It was windy and I was wearing a skirt. It wasn’t that short, but it was loose, so as I walked, I kept my hands at my sides so that it wouldn’t fly up. I got on the up escalator to get on the red line, still with my hands somewhat firmly at my sides. A man came up behind me on the escalator and leaned his face into my neck real close to my ear and said, “You can take your hands off your skirt now.”

I spun around and gave him a mean look and ran up the escalator and down the platform where I hid behind a pillar until the train came.

Submitted by Anonymous on 7/19/2010

Location: Fort Totten metro station escalator

Time: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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  1. cindel

    WTF?! I would have push his ass.