“Bye, Sexy.”

I was looking at some snacks in Bed Bath and Beyond right next to the up escalator. From nearby I heard, softly, “Hey, sexy.” I ignored it and did not look over. When I heard it again I looked directly at the 30 or 40-something male riding up the escalator, giving him my nastiest look, and said “Who the fuck are you talking to?” Probably the wrong question but it was all that came to mind. Just as softly — almost tender in a disgusting way — he said, “You, sexy.” Again, nothing good came to mind and I told him “Mind your own fucking business” and walked away. As I walked away I heard him say, “Bye, sexy.”

Yeah, I was wearing a summer dress, but it was one that I bought specifically because it doesn’t show too much, if any, cleavage. I guess the sight of my bare shoulders just drove him wild. I hate it that random strangers can make me feel so dirty, when I’m just trying to look nice and stay as cool as I can in this wicked heat and humidity.

Submitted by Anonymous on 7/19/2010

Location: Gallery Place (Chinatown)

Time of Harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    In Bizarro World, “Mind your fucking business” translates to an invitation for harassers to keep talking. Seriously, these men are in denial of how creepy and gross they are. If that were me, when he started with that “Hey, sexy” crap I would’ve responded with “Bye, ugly. Go away.”

  2. anoymous

    It makes me so sad when we as women find ourselves checking what we are wearing when we are harassed. Society has trained us to believe that unwanted sexual attention is somehow our fault. I have done the same as well. I had to train my I myself to stop when I realized it didn’t matter what I wore, comments would come anyway. There are just menacing guys out here that would stop at nothing to harass/disturb women.

  3. Quest

    You know what, this kind of harassment bothers me the most. The affect is so absurd. He is saying something vile and disgusting, yet in a ‘quiet’ tone. I like Golden Silence’s suggestion. Goodbye Ugly. Goodbye Harasser.