What’s In A Name?

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For us, everything. We’re starting to understand the pain parents go through when they are thinking of names for their soon-to-be baby (or sometimes already-here-baby). We are in a rut, and we need your help.

Holla Back DC! is in a re-branding process.  Many of you have asked us to do more and give more. So, with that, we came up with three focus areas for the group: community education, direct services, and advocacy. This blog would fall under one of them (probably direct services, as it is a safe space for people to be sharing their experiences).

We are asking you to help us out.  Seriously, we aren’t a creative bunch back here, and we could use a jolt of 3.6 magnitude type (eh? eh?).

What words pop up in your mind that captures what you want us to do, like start a RightRides DC chapter, work with youth and LGBTQ communities on addressing this issue, and advocating WMATA to DO something about sexual harassment and assault?  Leave them in the comments.

Thank you so so much in advance!

P.S. Please pass this on to your friends and creative gurus in your life.

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  1. Michael

    Not sure what you’re asking… if it’s just a name, then how about this:

    “Battle the Street Creep”

    Keep up the good work. I’m always on the look out for harassers on the Metro. Waiting for my chance to avert their attention to me instead of their victims.

    • hollabackdc

      To clarify, we are turning into a nonprofit organization and the blog Holla Back DC! will be one of the programs under the organization, along with programs like Right Rides DC, community education, and policy and advocacy. We are asking you all of suggestions for name for our nonprofit organization.

      Thank you, Michael!

  2. jess

    “Live Let Live”

  3. Debbie Vargas-Collins

    First- THANK YOU so much for your public service in providing an outlet for woman to express their frustration in dealing with gender based sexual harassment. Here’s my suggestion for a name for your nonprofit- Sisters Helping Undo Street Harassment= SHUSH. The acronym (SHUSH) would also serve to express our displeasure (“Shush/Be quiet!”) at hearing daily unwelcome comments from male harassers. Hope this is helpful. With gratitude for your efforts, DVC

    • RM


  4. Monique Hazeur

    Walking Safely…Freely Walking…Safe Passage….Women Walk….Women Walk With Respect…Women Walk Without Words…Ok I will have to ponder more; ) Good luck!

  5. hollabackdc

    What do people think about Walk Free DC?

  6. Golden Silence

    Empowering DC: Working together to end street harassment.

    Best of luck in your search for the perfect idea!

  7. lauren taylor

    Walk Free DC: Building respect in public spaces


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  9. Charise

    The tricky part is finding a name that also has a related web domain name that’s available.

    I’m not very creative, but here are a few names that have available domains (name+.org). Maybe one will spark an idea…good luck!

    Free Streets
    Respect DC
    With Respect
    Dignity DC

  10. Charise

    FierceFreeDC.org is another available domain name

  11. Monique Hazeur

    I like Walk Free DC…think it leaves room for interpretation, which could either work to your benefit or not. It’s short and sweet too, so not too wordy or hard to remember and it rhymes. I like it!

  12. hollabackdc

    How about Collective Action for Safe Spaces?