“Do you want to get off with me?”

This morning I was sitting on the 80 metrobus on my way to work, reading my book. I was sitting in the aisle seat and an elderly man was sitting in the window seat next to me. Before he got up to exit at his stop (7th/H), he nudges my arm and says, “Do you want to get off with me?” For a moment I thought he was just asking whether I was getting off at the same stop, but from the way he touched me, and from the leer on his face, I quickly figured out what he meant.

I said, “No I don’t. And it’s disrespectful of you to ask me that.” He says, “I’m not being disrespectful.” I replied, “Oh really? So you would want someone to say that to your mother or sister?” And he says, “Yes.” Gag.

Since I became a regular reader of HollaBack, I’ve been inspired by stories of women who have let their harassers know that they don’t appreciate unwanted and inappropriate attention. I did my best, and although the message didn’t seem to get through, I felt better speaking out.

Submitted by SV on 7/14/2010

Location: 80 Metro bus 7th / H NW

Time of Harassment: Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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