A Spectacular Day!

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Photo by °Florian via Flickr

Yesterday was a spectacular day.
I watched Spain win the World Cup, and danced in the fountain at Dupont Circle to celebrate. After things wound down at the fountain, a group of us went to an outside bar to chat and continue the celebration. After leaving the bar, I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses and made a dash back through Dupont Circle. Just as I got to the outermost part of the circle, a man sitting on the chain that lines the circle, says something inappropriate to me — maybe because I was soaking wet, but it was still inappropriate. I stopped and looked at him and told him very sternly that I am not in the mood for his comments, and continued on my mission to fetch my glasses.
Upon my return through the Circle I had to pass by him again, sitting in the same place. Much to my surprise, he apologized to me! I got an apology! I was sure to say thank you, and that I appreciate it, so as to encourage the good behavior — and ran off.
Not only was the day amazing for so many reasons, this added one more delight!

Submitted by Anonymous on 7/12/2010

Location:Dupont Circle

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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