I sent in a post about two weeks ago about how my run got ruined by disgusting men. Well, I have a more victorious story about another run!


I live just up the street from one of the many trail heads into Rock Creek Park. I run there a lot during the daytime. Last Friday I got out of work early on account of the holiday weekend. I decided it was a perfect afternoon for a run in the park. I have to run up Porter Street to get to my house, and it’s a particularly long, steep hill.

There was a fairly well-dressed, middle-aged man standing in the driveway of an apartment complex, watching me run up toward him on the sidewalk, just leering with a half-smile. I was thoroughly annoyed. I gave him a stern look, and I could feel him continue to watch me as I ran by (which sort of takes a while…it’s a really steep hill). I turned around once or twice after I passed him to see if he was still watching. The last time, he gave me a gross smile and a head nod and a sort of half-kiss. So, I stopped cold in my tracks and turned around. I asked him “Am I a show?” He looked really confused. I repeated “Am I a show? For you to watch?” He started to look uncomfortable, and he lost his smile, and he said no and kind of waved me off with his hands. So, I yelled at him: “Then STOP STARING AT ME! I DON’T LIKE IT!!” And I ran off. There were a few other people staring at me after that, but I didn’t mind, because I knew they weren’t going to mess with me.

Felt pretty good to stand my ground.

Submitted by KF on 7/7/2010

Location: Porter St NW

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. Golden Silence

    KF, awesome outcome! Glad you stood up to that troll.

  2. Jenna


  3. Quest

    Good for you.