The Boys and Girls Club Solicitor Continues

There’s been some discussion of one or more young men falsely soliciting for Boys and Girls Club in the past here. Yesterday I commented on the most recent post to share that someone had approached me in similar fashion near the McPherson metro stop in the late winter/early springtime.

Coincidentally, yesterday evening I was coming out of the McPherson metro and at the top of the escalators a young man with dreads and a blue ball cap approached me and said, “Hey honey, how about you, I know you have some money you want to give.” I took the folder with a laminated xeroxed sheet and he said that hewas fundraising for Boys and Girls Club so that high school kids could play football.

I handed the folder back to him and said, “Boys and Girls Club does not solicit on the street,” and tried to walk away. He said, “How you know that?” and I said I had read about it. He then started to get angry and said, “You mean to tell me you got nothin’ better to do than sit around and find out about other people’s business?”

I just looked at him, astonished, and said, “Excuse me?” He said, “What the hell do you do for a living?” I said I was an AmeriCorps volunteer. He said, “What the hell is that? Volunteer? Sounds like you need to be out here with me.”

I walked away because of the strength of his language and aggression. Looking back I realize that he was just scared that I called him out on his scam which is why he got this way, but it in turn worked in making me anxious. I mean, he never even denied my claim! My heart was beating so fast and I considered calling the police but was questioning the validity of what I had read here, no offense.

However, this afternoon I called Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and explained what had happened. The woman who answered said that this isn’t the first time they’ve heard about this happening and confirmed with me that they *NEVER* solicit on the street for fundraising purposes. She asked that if it happens again to call the police and their office at (202) 540-2300

Thanks Holla Back! for alerting us to this – not only have the two young men that I have encountered used inappropriate language toward me as a woman, but they have also been targeting me for a scam.

Submitted by E on 6/30/2010

Location: outside McPherson Square Metro

Time of  Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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13 Responses

  1. PR

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ll make sure to refer back to this post if I encounter something similar. Sounds like this person has been making his rounds all over DC!

  2. Golden Silence

    I am tired of this guy! What will it take to finally get him off the streets?!

  3. Ryan

    Good for you! I would have been scared to call him out. Got any tips?

  4. Quest

    Its great that you called him out. He may hesitate to do this again if he knows that people are on to him.

  5. LCE

    Thanks for posting that number; I’m saving it in my phone. I encountered this jerk at the top of the Dupont Circle metro two days after my dog died last month (also the same day my car died. Basically a prime time *not* to send any bullshit my way.) After unsuccessfully soliciting my boyfriend and me for money, he nudged me and told me I was mean. Without a second thought, I started shouting at him, stating it was *never* okay to randomly touch strangers, and made quite a scene. He just threw up his hands defensively, and after spitting out a few more venomous words, I headed across the street to my destination. When I met back up with my boyfriend a few minutes later, each of us agreed that we were about five seconds away from wailing on this person. (Apparently, he told the guy as much before meeting back up with me.) Awful, awful person. Thanks, Hollaback DC, for giving the community an outlet to keep track of this predator. Hopefully sooner than later, we’ll be able to read about his arrest.

  6. Golden Silence

    So he’s been spotted in Dupont Circle, in Farragut Square and at McPherson (by E, and possibly by me back in December). What’s his next target area, Metro Center?

    As I said in my other post about this guy, I will be hypervigilant and will do anything to help get him off the streets. I want the next story about him to be the one where he’s finally apprehended!

  7. Anonymous

    Now that I think about it, I’ve seen him at Union Station, too. There, he’s actually in the station, at the bottom of the escalators by the tracks. If I recall correctly, there were two young men there last time, so he may have an accomplice.

  8. Jenna

    I saw him AGAIN today outside of the Dupont Metro. I didn’t approach him this time, I just walked past and immediately called the police and gave an exact description. He did the exact same thing he did last time I saw him and called the police. He went to the bottom of the escalators after he saw me and I saw him go up the other side soliciting someone else as I was going down. The police were on their way (supposedly) when I left to go home.

    There has to be more that we can do. Alert WMTA? Would that do any good?

    • Golden Silence

      Are you kidding me? This is beyond out of control.

      I have to head to the Dupont area after work today, and if I see anyone fitting his description floating around I will try to take his photo so more folks will know what he looks like and be aware of him.

      When will this stop?

  9. Golden Silence

    By the way, if he’s spotted in Metro stations doing this Metro Transit Police’s number is (202) 962-2121.

  10. E

    I shutter at the thought of how many innocent folks are giving these guys cash.

    @Ryan – I felt confident enough in my knowledge and there were plenty of other folks around so I didn’t fear for my physical safety. He definitely rattled me though, so be hyper aware of your surroundings and it’s not necessary to provoke him if you’re uncomfortable; just call the police.

  11. Bettina

    I don’t think it was B&G club, but I encountered someone was soliciting for something that was likely a scam at the Dupont Metro one night. In that regard, I always ask for a brochure or web address I can go to, and that halts people pretty quickly.

    On this evening, however, the man soliciting asked my male friend and I if we had jobs and where we worked. When my friend answered the government, he gestured for a high five, which my friend returned. When I answered that I work for a non-profit, he stepped in to hug me and I immediately put my hands up, moved closer to my friend, and told him that he has no right to touch strangers. He apologized and I refused to talk to him about his “organization” any longer.

  12. Sarah

    I know I kind of missed the boat on this one when it was first posted, but I’ve been solicited for money by multiple guys ON the Metro – Green Line between Navy Yard and Ft. Totten and on the Red Line between Ft. Totten and Silver Spring- on multiple occasions. At least once a week. I usually just pretend to be asleep so they don’t talk to me.

    Based on what I read in this post, I’m assuming these are also scammers, because if the B&G club doesn’t solicit on the street I doubt they’d solicit on the Metro either.

    What should I do if I’m hit-up for money buy one of these guys again? Will Transit police do anything?