Scammer Still Out There

I’m a frequent follower of numerous street harassment blogs (including this one) and I’ve been reading and commenting on the one about the “Boys & Girls Club Scammer.” What will it take to get him caught?

Anyway, I just remembered something that happened back in December. I was volunteering for Christmas, and I took the bus to McPherson Square Station, headed home for the evening. I noticed that there was this guy, with a binder, talking to an older woman about some charity. (It was dark outside, so why is he trying to hustle then?) I tried to scurry to the Metro because I got the feeling he’d try to talk to me or “holla,” but I wasn’t quick enough.

“Excuse me miss, can I talk to you for a moment?” he asks. I curtly respond “No, you may not!”

“Damn, girl, you mean,” he says. My response was, “That’s not mean…it’s called having some place to be!”

“A’ight, that’s cool. I like your dreads, though,” he said. I can’t remember how I responded at that point (or if I responded at all) and I went about my way. I hadn’t thought of it since.

The B&G scam stories started before this December incident, but no clear description was given of him until recently. I’ve noticed there were mentions of him having dreads and carrying a binder. The guy at McPherson also had dreads and was carrying a binder, and it makes me wonder.

Granted, there are a lot of guys in the DC area with dreads and a lot of corner hustlers and scam artists, so he could’ve been a whole different person. Also, this was at McPherson, not at Farragut Square or Dupont like the other stories noted. But if this was the B&G scammer, I’d feel awful if I let him “get away.”

I sometimes am in the Dupont and Farragut Square areas, and I’ve been on the lookout for this guy when I was, but hadn’t seen anyone fitting his description when I was there.

I think getting a photo of this guy is important (not worth risking one’s safety, but only if you feel comfortable doing it), because that photo could be made into flyers to post in the areas he harasses at so more people could be aware of him and be on the lookout for him. Also, maybe seeing himself on those flyers could scare him straight and stop him from doing this.

All said, I am sick of hearing about this guy continuously harassing women and hope it stops soon

Submitted by Golden Silence on 6/24/2010

Location: McPherson Square Metro (14th & I)

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30-7:30P)

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3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    Another thing, the guy in my story was in his late teens to early 20s, short (no taller than 5’7”) and had a higher-pitched voice. I don’t know if that matches the “B&G Scammer” or not.

  2. E

    I actually had someone who was probably this same guy call me “sweet thing” when trying to ask for money for Boys and Girls Club with a binder outside the McPherson Square metro stop sometime in late February or early March. When I asked, “What did you call me?” He said, “uhhh…” and I told him it was inappropriate and that I didn’t have any money.

  3. Golden Silence

    If that was the scammer I’d seen back in December (he didn’t mention B&G Club), I’m going to beat myself over the head about it. But then again, instead of blaming myself, I’m just going to be hypervigilant if I see him in these areas again. I really want this guy off the streets. Not only is he harassing women, but who knows what that money he’s collecting from unsuspecting folks is going towards!